Marketing Services


It’s simple. I do a lot of writing for clients as part of my marketing services. My portfolio includes sales and marketing materials, web sites, blog posts, white papers, case studies, press releases, video scripts, magazine articles, newsletters, presentations, annual reports, business plans and more. I also offer professional editing services for companies who simply want to give their content a facelift.


If you have great ideas but little time to research their efficacy, I can help. Many clients rely on me to flesh out new concepts and/or assess whether a topic or idea is a “go” or “no-go.” My services include one-on-one interviewing with industry experts and customers as well as surveying the market for a pulse on leading topics and trends within specific industries.


Is your content optimized for human readers and SEO? It’s a fine balance that can’t be ignored if you want your website content to be found by prospective customers. I routinely collaborate with marketing teams who want to audit their content marketing program to ensure they’re reaching their desired audiences, as well as for SEO optimization, effective content repurposing, campaign deployment, and more.

Ready to amp up your marketing program?